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The Labeling Machines are designed and engineered
with highly advanced labeling technology. Our engineers
created the Labeling concept, which will provide
you with the very best in labeling performance. This
technological superiority allows to keep moving
forward continuously.

It provides and advanced microprocessor
reliability that surpasses that offered by most industry
leaders. Furthermore, the labeler sells for approximately
one-half price of many well known machines! It's
affordable pricing is made possible by high volume
international production.

Four Key points for a successful labeler!
Four common key problems causing poor labeling results are:
(1) an unreliable labeling system
(2) missing labels
(3) label wrinkle
(4) poor labeling accuracy
The labeling machinery provides the following unique
features to eliminate these problems.

I. Only a Labeler can perform this Saving Operation:
When the product passes the product sensor, the
microprocessor will scan, identify and remember
any previous labeling record. The label length position,
dispensing speed and label protrusion position along
with the data will be saved and automatically function
again from the data. It takes only three seconds to
complete the procedure. This feature is very beneficial
when changing bottle and label size. You only have to
pass one new product through and the system will
immediately record all the best labeling data for the product.

II. Repositioning of the Product Sensor is not required:
The labeling system provides the optimum
sensing position for every label length and product
length, eliminating the need for adjustment of the
product sensor. Many labeling machines need manual
adjustment for each changeover.

III. Easy to Access to Job Memory Setup:
The product only needs to pass through the system once
for the system to either remember the data setup if necessary.

IV. Automatic Adjustment of Label Sensor:
The labeling system can detect the photo
sensitivity of both label and backing to ensure normal
labeling output, accuracy and smoothness.

LZ is your labeling machine operator's best friend
* The LCD display shows all automatic settings.
* The generates initial setting of conveyor speed,
labeling speed and labeling position.
* It also displays product output and labels remaining.
* Stainless steel frame construction and components are standard.
* Modular design concept for standardization and
interchangeability of all components.
* Low label alarm:
1) When the quantity of labels remaining falls below
500, a short warning alarm sounds.
2) Under 200, a long warning alarm alerts the operator
to replace the label roll.
* Our manufacturing process is ISO 9002 certified.
* Labeling accuracy: (+) or (-) 0.02 inches.
* Available with high speed hot stamp printer (optional); maximum printer speed up to 300 impressions per minute.
* High response frequency encoder is incorporated with
microprocessor control to assure wrinkle-free labeling.
* Precision 5 phase stepper motor.

The labeler, with its fast set-up features and
efficient operation, increases productivity and reduces labor costs.

Labeler -----Features
* Operator places a product on the conveyor and pushes a button.
The Labeler sets up the job.
* No repositioning of label sensor is needed for different label lengths.
* The microprocessor measures the label and adjusts the
label sensor automatically.
* Changes in labeling speed are made by pressing the
(+) or (-) button. No other adjustments are needed.
* No repositioning of product sensor is needed when changing bottle size.
* Up to 20 job set-ups can be stored in memory for easy recall.
* Alarm sounds when only 500 labels are left on label roll.
* It stops labeler and displays error message when labels run out.
* It stops labeler and displays message when label
is missing off label roll.

* ISO 9002 certified for strict quality control.
* Labeler machines and complete spare parts inventory
available from southern California for prompt delivery.

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